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UCI Medical Science

Superior Duct fabricated $1.5 million of material for PPC Mechanical’s University of California - Irvine Medical Sciences buildings and Medical Center.


These Medical Sciences Buildings include several biological and medical research laboratories at the UCI School of Medicine. Laboratory facilities like these have intensive ventilation needs which are required to safeguard occupant health and safety. Fabricating mechanical systems for these types of facilities carry unique challenges but Superior Duct Fabrication met these head on.


For Medical Sciences Building C Superior Duct fabricated a specialized replacement HVAC system for the three-story 55,853 SF research space, that will ensure proper filtration, humidity control and guarantee exceptional indoor air quality. Between Buildings B, C, & D as well as Building 55, Superior Duct fabricated thousands of pounds of duct work that cumulatively provided 1,446 tons of cooling. Various special projects included high-plume exhaust fans and new distribution ductwork.

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