The Superior Sales Team

Meet our top notch Sales Team ...

Taylor Mortensen  - Sales Manager Pomona HQ

    Taylor is the Sales Manager here at Superior Duct and is known for her commitment to exceptional customer service. She has been with the company for 6-years now and has quickly grown into a leadership role here at Superior. Taylor is one of the most knowledgeable employees we have and has made it her priority to be educated on the latest software and technical advancements in the industry. She has managed some of our largest projects to date, including: Google, Disneyland’s Star Wars Park, LAX, and Banner Hospital in Tucson, Arizona. She specializes in large scope projects, digital workflows, and spooled ductwork that enables her clients to reduce installation time in the field and lower labor costs. On weekends you can find her cheering on her Alma Mater, the USC Trojans, hiking, or cruising to the beach with her family.                                                       

Nick Gonzales 

Nick is courteous, experienced, efficient, and genuinely cares about each project he works on. He has been with Superior Duct since 2009. In that time he has cultivated a large portion of our clientele from companies with massive projects to small HVAC companies that handle smaller scale projects. Nick's philosophy is to do the best job possible for each and every one of his clients. On weekends you can catch him spending time with his twin boys or coaching high school football. 


David Newcomb 

Dave has worked at Superior since 2013 and in that time has managed to become a customer favorite and work on some of Superior's most notable projects; most recently USC Village. Between his sense of humor that makes him a hit with project managers and field installers alike to his willingness to go above & beyond, you'll soon understand why he's so requested. Always the first one to arrive and often the last to leave, Dave cares a great deal about each and every project he deals with. 


Tony Avila 

Tony is Superior's go-to guy for large scale projects that require meticulous planning and a cool head. He has been in the industry since 2000. He has been at the helm of many massive projects such as the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, and the cutting edge Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University. Tony recently finished the final details on a five-year project with Desert Air at Fort Irwin. An avid sports fan, Tony is a season ticket holder for the LA Rams.    


Ashley Hoppe

Ashley has been with Superior since 2011, her pride and commitment to the company shows in her work. Ashley is known for her efficiency and exceptional customer service. Therefore, it's no surprise that she has a loyal and high-volume customer base.  Ashley's ability to form close relationships with her co-workers and customers has made her role here at Superior very unique and has led to her involvement in Outside Sales as well. In her free time, Ashley likes to stay active, travel to new places and spend time with family and friends.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Lorena Biedra 

Lorena is one of our go-to customer service reps for a number of tasks. She handles a large portion of our quotes and is always the first to jump in to assist other salesmen with order processing. She has 10 years of experience in the industry, and 2 years here with Superior Duct. Lorena has a particular way of calmly assisting customers and walking them through the order process step by step, with patience and competence. She is also bi-lingual and is happy to take quotes, orders, or answer questions in Spanish or English.                                             


Brendan Nguyen 

Brendan has spent 16 years in the sheet metal industry and 6 years with Superior Duct. He is one of our most experienced team members. Brendan can take a project from start to finish with proficiency and ease. Planning take offs, as well as layout duct & fittings on computer model with Autodesk software. He specializes in grease duct layout, welded material, trapezoidal, spooling, etc. as well as coordinating large projects. His noteworthy projects include: Broad Museum, the Rose Bowl, LAX Airport, and UC Riverside.  


Luis Vela

Luis has only been with Superior a short time but has been a part of the industry for 6 years. He has worked in fabrication shops and made the move from CAM to estimating. Luis has 14 years of experience with various Autodesk suites which has translated well into the HVAC industry. He specializes in planning and organizing medium to large projects and laying out spooled and custom weld orders. Luis strives to provide the best service and build lasting relationship with clients. He knows this is achieved through maintaining communication and using his experience as a tool. Luis is one of our bi-lingual staff and is happy to take orders or answer questions in Spanish as well! On his off time, you can catch Luis at soccer games or art galleries when his paintings are featured.                                                           

Camarillo team

Mike Torres - Sales Manager Camarillo Branch 

Mike is one of our most knowledgeable salesmen having made the transition from field foreman to customer service rep, bringing with him over 10 years of field experience. Mike's ability to understand the various challenges that may arise on a job site allows him to coordinate with his customers and generate solutions that get the job done, on schedule and made to Superior standards. His love of detailing and working on special projects make him an asset to any project. All his work is done with an admirable sense of urgency and he endeavors to never over-commit. His bonds with customers over his nine years at Superior Duct are built on accountability, dependability, and accessibility.


Las Vegas team

Tiffany Martin - Sales Manager Las Vegas Branch 

Tiffany is one of our most knowledgeable sales personnel having worked for many years at our Pomona headquarters before making the move to Las Vegas to oversee the sales team there. She has years of experience working with Autodesk and our other software, she has taken on many large projects in her career among them, Raiders Stadium in Las Vegas. She is as pleasant to speak with as she is knowledgeable always puts her clients first. 


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