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ASU Biodesign Institute 

Arizona State University's Biodesign Institute at the Tempe campus is a brand new, cutting edge facility that will provide additional laboratory space for the institute. 


Building C, which Superior Duct has provided all of the duct and fittings for is a five-story-plus-basement complex. We have partnered with Bel-Aire Mechanical for the HVAC aspect of this building, to achieve the best and most modern facility possible. 


Over the course of the past year we have made dozens of deliveries to this site, shipping over 430,000 lbs. of fabricated material and fittings as countless stock items. 

This project presented it's own particular set of challenges and required one of our most experienced salesmen to custom design special exhaust stacks that were over 30 ft. tall and had to be shipped already welded on individual flatbeds. 

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