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Special Projects Division

Special Projects

Superior Duct Fabrication has  varied manufacturing capabilities, one of our largest growing divisions is Special Projects. This refers to _______________________________________. 

This department headed up by Tony Avila, with his 20 years of experience in the industry allows Superior to offer our customer unparalleled services and levels of customization. 


We currently have:

  • Multiple options that allow us to manufacture in a variety of ways. 

Manufacturing capabilities:

  • ​Manufacturing ductwork for commercial, industrial, and institutional HVAC projects.

      Rectangular, round, oval duct, and fittings.

  • Galvanized G90, stainless steel 304/316, black iron, aluminum, PVS (poly vinyl steel), Paintlock, perforated.

  • Oval spiral fabricated up to 12' lengths. Sizes available upon request. Material thickness from 26 ga to 5/16" plate.

  • All connections including: TDC, S & Drive, C.L. Ward, Ductmate, and Mez. All hardware included with every fabricated order.

  • Rectangular Seams: Snaplock, Pittsburg, spot welded and fully welded mig or tig.

  • Burglar bars, roof curbs, roof adaptors, platform covers, drain pans, etc.

  • Spiral pipe fabricated in galvanized & exotic metals such as Aluminum, PVS, Paintlock, Perforated Galvanized and Stainless Steel 304. Sizes from 4" to 90" in diameter.

  • Fiberglass duct board sheets and fabricated fittings.

  • Spooling / pre-fabrication

  • Double wall rectangular and round duct & fittings

  • Over 1 million pounds of various metals in stock at all times.


Superior’s spiral elbows are formed from a continuous strip of galvanized sheet steel, which utilizes the same 4-ply spiral lock seam in a rolling process.

This eliminates the need for welding, sealants, broaching, and VOC paint touchup’s. Superior’s single form process ensures consistency, quality, and tolerances that are strictly controlled elbow to elbow.

Since the elbows are formed without welding, this allows us to avoid increasing metal gauges in the prevention of burn-through. A 26 gauge spiral elbow has 22% less metal than a 24gauge elbow, and 36% less metal than a 22gauge elbow.


This means that the production process of these spiral elbows generate a substantial reduction in raw material costs and in addition, have a less negative impact on the environment.

Quick Facts About
1.0 to 1.5 Centerline Spiral Elbow

  • Airtight 4-ply lock seam construction

  • Meets SMACNA gauge requirements

  • Low friction loss

  • Meets leakage Class 3 for 10” W.G. Duct construction class in a sample test section.

      Test data states +/- 20”

  • No gores to seal; saves on labor costs

  • Spiral elbows produced automatically from coil

  • Production as fast as 18 seconds per piece

  • Very little scrap in production of spiral elbows

  • Straights on the elbow ends of 2” / 50mm o rgreater

  • 1.0 and 1.5 Centerline radius also available from 4” to 24” diameter

  • 45° and 90° 1.5 Centerline elbows from 4” to24” diameter

Spiral Elbow Machine
Spiral Elbows


How We Take on Special Projects 


Round Fittings

  • 3-Piece Sure-Fit Reducers 6" body +  collars

  • Pancake Tapers (Cookie Cutters)

  • 90 & 45 degree Adjustable Elbows Short & Long Radius 3" thru 24"

  • T-Wyes 45 degree branch F/M/M with beaded ends - stock up to 20" diameter

  • Dovetail Start Collars and End Caps up to 24" diameter

  • Ceiling Cans with Plaster Ground

  • Heavy-Duty Damper Sleeves with 1.5" Standoff's, 3/8"Rod, and Nylon Bushings

  • 45 & 90 degree Saddle Taps on Flat up to 20" diameter and 90 degree Conical Saddle Tap on Flat 6" tall + collar

  • 45 degree Saddle Taps on a variety of round sizes 

HVAC Installation Accessories

  • Duro-Dyne Self-Tapping & Super Saber Screws, Small Boxes & Bulk Packaging Spray Paints, Duct Tapes

  • Panduit Straps, Stick-Pins, Powder Actuated Shots & Washered Pins, Wiss Snips, Hammers, Seamers, Notchers and much more.


  • C.L. Ward

  • Ductmate

  • Duro-Dyne

  • Design Polymerics

  • Owens-Corning

  • John Mansville

  • Atco Flex


  • Los Angeles City DBS Certified

  • Minority Business Enterprise Certified

  • Los Angeles County Local Business Enterprise Certified

  • AWS Certified Welders

  • SMACNA Member

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